Table 1

Prevalence of reported current flexural rash symptoms, treatment, and lifetime eczema by geographical area in 12–14 year olds across the UK

n% With an intermittent, itchy flexural rash in the past 12 months% With a severe flexural rash in the past 12 months% Treating an itchy rash or eczema in the past 12 months% Reporting ever having eczema
Great Britain2750716.42.222.722.5
Country ** ***
Area ***
Quadrant of England and Wales 1-150 ***
 South west590115.82.423.223.0
 South east748215.91.621.922.8
 North east571917.72.423.123.8
 North west396116.32.222.821.5
NHS region (1993) ** *** ***
 South west270715.11.622.424.6
 North Thames222016.01.622.723.1
 South Thames229716.61.621.220.9
 East Anglia and Oxford232415.61.722.624.6
 West Midlands221916.12.724.023.2
 North west302917.02.523.120.7
 North east and Yorkshire370918.72.823.824.1
% Missing1.
  • 1-150 p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p ⩽ 0.001 (χ2test).