Table 6

Paternal alcohol dose, usually ingested and ingested the days before death/interview in SIDS cases and controls with crude and adjusted odds ratios (ORs) in Scandinavia 1992–95, the Nordic epidemiological SIDS study

OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Paternal alcohol dose
 1–4 AU1155120.50.3 to 0.7<0.0010.70.4 to 1.20.20
 ⩾ 5 AU581730.70.5 to to 1.30.27
Recent paternal alcohol ingestion
 Yes501601.20.8 to to 1.20.22
Alcohol dose today or yesterday
 1–4 AU331320.90.6 to 1.30.561.20.7 to 1.90.54
 ⩾ 5 AU11182.21.0 to 4.90.0471.50.6 to 3.90.38
  • Adjustment was made for maternal age and education, maternal smoking during pregnancy, and paternal unemployment.

  • AU, alcohol unit; CI, confidence interval.