Table 5

Maternal and paternal alcohol consumption during and after pregnancy in SIDS cases and controls with crude and adjusted odds ratios (ORs) in Scandinavia 1992–95, the Nordic epidemiological SIDS study

Alcohol useCasesControlsCrudeAdjusted
OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Maternal use during pregnancy
 Less than weekly792641.10.8 to 1.50.671.51.0 to 2.20.06
 More than weekly7181.10.4 to 2.70.831.30.4 to 4.30.70
Maternal use after pregnancy
 Less than weekly1114070.80.6 to to 1.30.64
 More than weekly7450.40.2 to to 1.70.31
Paternal use during pregnancy
 Less than weekly1455780.60.4 to 0.90.0150.80.5 to 1.30.38
 More than weekly401740.50.3 to 0.90.0160.70.4 to 1.40.35
Paternal use after pregnancy
 Less than weekly1415680.50.3 to 0.7<0.0010.70.4 to 1.10.12
 More than weekly411780.40.3 to 0.70.0010.60.3 to 1.10.11
  • Adjustment was made for maternal age and education, maternal smoking during pregnancy, and paternal unemployment.

  • CI, confidence interval.