Table 5

Sensitivity and specificity of individual or combinations of clinical findings in children with fever independently associated with any degree of parasitaemia of malaria in low or high risk seasons among 2490 children studied

High riskLow risk
Travel history41.783.82.193.8
Previous attack31.385.843.887.3
No running nose84.723.970.854.5
No diarrhoea70.140.964.655.8
No earache91.812.693.827.0
No cough48.569.441.772.5
No difficult breathing50.535.327.156.6
No tonsillar exudates95.516.297.95.3
No running nose or no measles (IMCI)
Previous attack or pallor or no cough82.851.475.059.5
Previous attack or pallor or splenomegaly80.068.564.681.2
  • IMCI, WHO/UNICEF programme of integrated management of childhood illnesses.