Table 1

Common conditions predisposing to stroke

ConditionMain pathologies
Ischaemic stroke
Congenital/acquired heart diseaseEmbolus, cerebrovascular disease
 (for example, dissection)
Sickle cell diseaseLarge vessel stenosis and occlusion
TraumaLarge vessel dissection
DehydrationVenous sinus thrombosis
MeningitisBasal vessel inflammation/spasm,
 stenosis, occlusion
VaricellaLarge vessel stenosis
Acquired immunodeficiency syndromeLarge vessel stenosis
Haemolytic uraemic syndromeLarge vessel vasculitis
HomocystinuriaLarge vessel stenosis and occlusion
Williams’s syndromeMoyamoya
Down’s syndromeMoyamoya
Haemorrhagic stroke
Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpuraPlatelet count < 10–15 × 109/l
Haemophilia and other coagulopathiesProlonged coagulation