Table 3

Cases with infectious aetiology

CaseAge (years)OrganismOther relevant data
54.5 S aureus Distinct introital inflammation, greenish discharge seen
715.1 E coli Delayed puberty, associated UTI, white discharge seen
88.2Anaerobes (profuse)Profuse offensive discharge, distinct introital inflammation, foreign material (toilet paper) in genital area
137.3EnterobiusPrednisolone treatment, lymphoedema, thin clear discharge
215.1Group A streptococciDistinct inflammation, throat infection 5 weeks before, profuse thin clear discharge
263.6 ProteusspeciesLichen sclerosis, distinct excoriation, slight discharge
3010.2 C albicans Early pubertal changes, clear watery discharge, papules on surrounding skin
383.4 H influenzae Distinct inflammation, yellow discharge
426.8Group A streptococciImpetigo of genital area, including clitoris
503.2 E coli Associated UTI
  • UTI, urinary tract infection.