Table 2

Sequelae after acute AIS ⩾ 2 sports injuries in children from Trieste according to lesion location and type

Lesion location and typeAIS ⩾ 2 injuries registered (n)1988 follow up1997 follow upp Value
Temporary sequelae (n)Cases lost (n)Controlled cases (n)Permanent sequelaeRisk ratio of permanent sequelae2-150
nAIS ⩾ 2 injuries (%)
Hand, wrist fractures74134934.10.200.001
Hand, wrist, elbow sprains26312000.018
Elbow fractures1477642.93.270.009
Knee sprains241028625.01.810.22
Tibia fractures9404333.32.340.14
Ankle fractures4202250.03.480.11
Foot fractures6202233.32.300.22
Ankle sprains43183151023.21.790.10
  • 2-150 Compared with all the other injuries combined.

  • AIS ⩾ 2, the abbreviated injury scale ⩾ 2 (moderate to severe); Others, fractures of knee, shoulder, clavicle.