Table 1

Distribution, admission, and mortality rates of classifications and signs of ETAT algorithm

ETAT classification and signsPatients attended% of all patients attended at emergency departmentPatients admitted% of all admitted patientsDeaths1-150 % of all deaths
ETAT group 1 (emergency condition)982.558536.91071.4
 Severe respiratory distress571.484419.11071.4
 Severe dehydration300.732310.017.1
ETAT group 2 (priority signs) 689 (633)1-151  17.9 (16.5)1-151 11248.7428.5
 Non-severe respiratory distress2135.65925.6
 Visible severe wasting340.862711.717.1
 Severe palmar pallor80.2173.017.1
 Oedema of both feet190.49156.5
 Urgent referral note1353.528536.9
 Age < 2 months38610.067331.7
ETAT group 1 and/or 273119.0519785.6514100
No emergency condition or priority signs308280.33314.3
  • 1-150 Only deaths within 24 hours from admission are included.

  • 1-151 Patients with group 2 signs only (excluding those with concomitant group 1 classification).