Table 1

Outcome for 17 children admitted for psychiatric assessment and/or treatment

Case/sex Type of abuse Age when abused Family structure when abused Age at inpatient admission Age at follow up Recommended placement Placement at follow up Findings at follow up
1/FI0–9 monthsBM, BF9 months4.5 yearsSCFPBM has continuing psychiatric difficulties
2/FFs12 monthsBM15 months2 yearsBMBMMild speech delay
3/FFs0–4.5 yearsBM, BF4.5 years5 yearsBM, SFaBM, SFaMild developmental delay
4/MFs0–3.5 yearsBM, BF3.5 years4 yearsBM, SFaBM, SFaBM of cases 3 and 4 somatising and high parental stress
Assessment and treatment
5/FI9 months (sib)BM6 months2.5 yearsBM, BFBFMild developmental delay
6/FI0–9 monthsBM9 months2.5 yearsSCAP
7/FT0–13 monthsBM13 months4 yearsBM, BFBM, BF
8/FI0–6 monthsBM11 months4.5 yearsSCAP
9/FI0–6 monthsBM6 months5.5 yearsBMBM
10/FFs3–6 yearsBM, BF6.5 years11 yearsBM, BFBM, BFBM has alcohol problems
11/MI0–3 yearsBM3 years7 yearsBM, SFaBM, SFaBM depressed and anxious
12/MI0–18 monthsBM2.5 years5 yearsBMBM, SFaMild developmental delay, behavioural problems
BM somatising and high parenting stress
13/MI0–9 monthsBM, SFa9 months2.5 yearsSCFPMild developmental delay
14/MI0–4 yearsBM, SFa4 years7 yearsBM, SFaBM, SFaBM somatising. High parenting stress
15/MI0–1 monthBM, BF1 month18 monthsBM, BFBM, BFFrequent general practitioner attender with child
16/MI0–12 monthsBM, BF18 months2.5 yearsBM, BFBM, BFBM anxious and raised parenting stress
17/MI0–3 yearsBM, BF4 years4.5 yearsBM, BFBM, BF
  • I, induced; Fs, falsification; T, tampering.

  • BM, biological mother; BF, biological father; SFa, step father; SC, substitute care; FP, foster parents; AP, adoptive parents.