Table 1

Distribution of study respondents (n = 9778) by region of birth, with 12 month period prevalence of wheeze and 95% confidence intervals (CI)

Region of birthWheezeTotalPrevalence95% CI
Australia1282668219.2(18.2 to 20.2)
West and North Europe, UK and Ireland, New Zealand, North America5127018.9(14.4 to 24.1)
Africa1911316.8(10.4 to 25.0)
South East Asia343848.9(6.2 to 12.1)
Southern Europe101198.4(4.1 to 14.9)
South and Central America111487.4(3.8 to 12.9)
Middle East and North Africa152087.2(4.1 to 11.6)
South Asia152097.2(4.1 to 11.6)
Indochina549735.5(4.2 to 7.2)
North East Asia142795.0(2.8 to 8.3)
Oceania2643.1(0.4 to 10.8)
Eastern Europe73292.1(0.9 to 4.3)