Table 3

Correct responses to standard questions for differing severity of growth faltering

QuestionSeverity of growth faltering
(chart numbers)
Moderate (2,5,8,11) Severe
How significant is the fall made by this child?
Not significant0-1-2
Moderately worrying1 0 -1
Very worrying21 0
What percentage of children would make a fall down a centile chart of this size?
25% or more-1-2-3
10% 0 -1-2
Less than 5%1 0 -1
Less than 1%21 0
1 in 1000321
In the light of today’s weight and the previous plotted weights, what you would plan to do next?
HV to continue routine monitoring only 0 -1-2
HV to ask about feeding and/or see again for  reweighing in a month 0 0-1
HV to take a detailed dietary/social history and/or  GP to see1 0 0
GP to refer to paediatrician21 0
  • HV = health visitor.