Table 1

Agreement between responses to questions on childhood respiratory illness in questionnaires completed by children and those completed by parents

No of subjects1-150 Prevalence reported by children (%)Prevalence reported by parents (%)Proportion observed agreement (%)
Parents + Parents + Parents − Parents − κ Statistic
Child + Child − Child + Child − All  ages
8–9  years
10–12  years
Respiratory symptom
 Short of breath706011317279.36.691.20.400.310.48
Respiratory disease
 Allergic rhinitis427151134118829.530.485.00.640.600.68
  • 1-150 Refers to number of children with/without self reported (child +/−) or parent reported (parents +/−) symptoms or diseases. The total number of responses was less than 2225 because of incomplete data in some questionnaires.