Table 1

Neonatal screen and follow up

CentreNS1 type of screen: targeted(T)/ universal(U)NS2: screening method: ABR, TEOAE, PARC1-151 NS3: number of live births each yearNS4: number targeted each year (%)NS5 and NS6: % completing screenTotal cost of screen and follow up per 1000 births (£)
ATABR, diagnostic ABR for follow up6955 471 (6.8)97.8 5954
BTTEOAE and ABR (if fail either  ear)60001-150  516 (8.6)95.5 4981
DTABR, TEOAE (partial  coverage-research)8335 674 (8.1)93 5318
EUTEOAE, TEOAE follow up, then   diagnostic ABR, TEOAE in one ear = pass unless parent wishes for retest3695369591.513119
FTTEOAE (twice) for inpatients and   outpatients, diagnostic ABR for follow up5650 234 (4.1)92 4753
GUPARC (twice) (bilateral  stimulation), immediate follow  up by ABR35001-150 No data99 (estimate)13747
HTABR30001-150  528 (17.6)94.8 4256
IUTEOAE, ABR on unilateral and  bilateral failures463146318914778
  • 1-150 Rounded figures given.

  • 1-151 ABR = auditory brainstem response; TEOAE = transient evoked otoacoustic emmisions; PARC = portable auditory response cradle.