Table 2

Preadmission asthma management in 266 children admitted to hospital with an exacerbation

No of patients(%)
Preventive drugs
 Inhaled steroids111(42)
 Sodium cromoglycate29(11)
 Oral steroids7(3)
Use of spacer with metered dose inhaler121(45)
Poor compliance (from 139 children with preventive treatment)52(37)
Medical attendance for asthma
 Regularly (at least every three months)114(43)
 Only if wheezy136(51)
Possession of a written crisis plan117(44)
Using peak flow meter at home (from 119 children older than 7 years)
 During episodes of wheezing57(48)
Spirometry over the last year (from 119 children older than 7 years)29(24)