Table 1

Details of the personal history of asthma in children admitted to hospital with an exacerbation (n = 266)

No of children(%)
Age of asthma onset (years)
 Median (IQR) = 2 (2–3)
Functional severity scale of underlying asthma
Pattern of asthma (previous 12 months)
 Infrequent episodic asthma162(60.9)
 Frequent episodic asthma69(25.9)
 Persistent asthma35(13.2)
Seasonal pattern of symptoms
 No pattern145(54.5)
Asthma attendances in the emergency department in the last 12 months144(54.1)
Hospital admission over the last 12 months121(45.5)
Previous admissions to the intensive care unit30(11.3)
Limitation during exercise (more often than monthly)101(38)
Daily use of β2 agonists73(27)
School absenteeism: median number (IQR) of days off school in the past 12 months because of asthma symptoms = 7 (3–15)
  • IQR = interquartile range.