Appendix Epilepsy patient and family questionnaire Please answer on scale of 1–5: 1, not at all; 2, barely; 3, somewhat; 4, mostly; 5, very much

CourtesyPlease circle
aDo you find reception staff friendly & polite?12345
bDo you find nursing staff friendly & polite?12345
cDo you find medical staff friendly & polite?12345
aWas your child’s epilepsy explained to you?12345
bDo you feel you have enough information to understand your child’s epilepsy?12345
cDo you find the doctors easy to talk to?12345
dDo you feel that your questions are listened to?12345
eDo you feel your questions are adequately answered?12345
Clinic visits
aIs the waiting time before seeing the doctor acceptable?12345
bAre your clinic visits
 too frequent = 1, too seldom = 2, just right = 3123
cIs the time spent with the doctor generally
 too long = 1, too short = 2, just right = 3123
dDo you feel clinic visits are worthwhile?12345
eAre you happy with your child’s care?12345