Table 1

Patient characteristics and specimens

Disease category (patients)Age rangeCSFSerumUrine (neat)Urine (concentrated)
Set 1, n=32Meningococcal disease, n=248 months to 40 years111194
Pneumococcal meningitis, n=58 months to 54 years 1054
Pneumococcal sepsis, n=238 years and 40 years0021
Group B streptococcus meningitis, n=12 months0010
Set 2, n=19Clinical meningococcal sepsis, n=195 months to 34 years29138
Set 3, n=35Possible meningitis, n=301 year to 3 years03120
Lobar pneumonia, n=322 years to 41 years0030
OPSI, n=230 years, 45 years0121
Set 4, n=23Controls, n=10081010
Unrelated conditions, n=13285 4
Total = 10916685232