Table 2

Median and quartiles of anti-HBs (mIU/ml) after the completion of the hepatitis B vaccine administration in IDDM children (A and B) and in controls (A1 and B1) after the intradermal (A and A1) or intramuscular (B and B1) hepatitis B vaccination.

Median (interquartile range)
 A (id) n=927 (0–135)
 B (im) n=93000 (2365–3000)
 A1 (id) n=121593 (1020–3000)
 B1 (im) n=121827 (653–3000)
  • Both A v B and A v A1 = p<0.001 by Student’s t test on logarithmic data with correction for 0 values.

  • id = intradermal; im = intramuscular.