Table 6

Ocular and vision defects in children born preterm or of low birth weight in Britain

Region1984 Oxford cohort38 1978–81 Belfast cohort39 1990 Northern Region cohort40
Birth weight<1000 g⩽1500 gAll
Gestationor ⩽28 weeks All<32 weeks
No examined49200558
Age at examination (years)492
Visual impairment (%)Not reported56-150 26-151
Cicatricial retinopathy of prematurity (%)433
Optic atrophy or hypoplasia (%)631
Cortical visual impairment (%)221
Strabismus (%)241913
  • 6-150 Binocular visual acuity 6/18 or less.

  • 6-151 Severe visual impairment.