Table 1

Number of responders (anti-HBs > 100 mIU/ml), hyporesponders (10 < anti-HBs < 10 mIU/ml) and non-responders (anti-HBs < 10mIU/ml) after the complete course of hepatitis B vaccination in children with IDDM (A and B) and in controls (A1 and B1) who were given hepatitis B vaccine intradermally (A and A1) or intramuscularly (B and B1)

 A (id)9252
 B (im)9810
 A1 (id)121200
 B1 (im)121200
  • A v A1 χ2 = 13.99; p<0.001.

  • A v B χ2 = 8.26; p<0.01.

  • χ2 for trend (two degrees of freedom) = 9.54 p<0.05.

  • id = intradermal; im = intramuscular.