Table 4

Independent associations between risk factors for childhood unintentional injury and requests for injury prevention interventions

Risk factorOdds ratio95% Confidence interval
Home safety checks
 Receipt of means tested benefits1.621.07 to 2.48
 Ethnic group non-white4.521.99 to 10.28
 Residence in deprived area3.111.48 to 6.54
Low cost safety equipment
 Non-owner occupation2.941.72 to 5.03
 Lack of access to a car2.131.21 to 3.75
 Receipt of means tested benefits3.732.22 to 6.26
 Ethnic group non-white3.171.28 to 7.87
 Unemployment4-150 2.771.41 to 5.46
First aid training
 Non-owner occupation0.530.34 to 0.83
  • 4-150 Unemployment defined as single parent unemployed, or both parents unemployed in a two parents family.