Table 3

Significance levels for univariate analyses of risk factors associated with requests for each of the injury prevention interventions

Risk factorHome safety checksLow cost safety equipmentFirst aid training
Four or more childrenNSp<0.001NS
Single parentp<0.001p<0.001NS
Teenage motherNSp<0.05
Non-owner occupationp<0.05p<0.001p<0.01
Lack of access to a carp<0.001p<0.001NS
Receipt of means tested benefitsp<0.01p<0.001NS
Ethnic group non-whitep<0.001p<0.001NS
Residence in a deprived area3-150 NSp<0.001NS
Previous medically attended injuryNSNSNS
Unemployment3-150 NSp<0.001NS
  • 3-150 All analyses undertaken using χ2 tests with 1 degree of freedom, except for unemployment where there were 2 degrees of freedom and residence in a deprived area where there were 3 degrees of freedom.