Table 1

Frequency of risk factors for childhood unintentional injury (%)

Risk factorFrequency (%)
Four or more children55  (6.7)
Single parent89 (10.8)
Teenage mother114 (13.9)
Non-owner occupation231 (28.1)
Lack of access to car149 (18.1)
Receipt of means tested benefits246 (29.9)
Overcrowding1-150 64 (7.8)
Ethnic group non-white52 (6.3)
Residence in deprived area1-151 94 (11.4)
Previous medically attended unintentional injury42 (5.1)
 One parent unemployed in two parent family73 (8.9)
 Single parent or both parents in two parent family unemployed22 (2.7)
  • 1-150 Overcrowding defined as more than one person per room excluding bathrooms and kitchens less than 2 m wide.

  • 1-151 Residence in a deprived area defined as living in a ward with a Jarman score in the most deprived quartile of scores for all respondents (Jarman score 36.48 to 51.1).