Table 1

Summary of patients and injuries

Patient NoAge/sexType of injury
17 weeks/girlPharyngealNoneTorn frenulum
24 months/boyPharyngealHumerus spiral fracture ulna, humeral,  parietal skull fractures (subsequently)None
37 months/girlDuodenal rupture and splenic injuryMultiple rib fracturesFace and lumbar bruises
45.0 years/girlDuodenal ruptureFemur spiral fracture and distal radial  fractureLimb, back, and abdominal bruises
54 months/boyMesenteric tearMultiple metaphyseal and shaft fractures  of upper and lower limbs; multiple rib  fractures and pubic ramusBruises on limbs and sores on skin
61.0 years/boyLiver, spleen, pancreatic, and mesenteric  rupturesMultiple rib fracturesFacial, trunk, and limb bruises
71.5 years/boyPancreatic rupture and portal vein tearHealing metaphyseal fracture of distal  radius and acute rib fracturesBruises on face, head, back, buttocks and bite marks on ear, back, and arms
82.0 years/girlLiver haematomaNoneAbdominal wall swelling
95.0 years/girlBladder ruptureMandible fractureFacial and ear bruises
102.4 years/girlRectal perforationMetaphyseal fractures of radius and  humerus; superior pubic rami, old  mandibular, fibular, and metacarpal  fracturesFacial, chest, back bruises and burns on feet
111.5 years/girlPenetrating needlesNonePin prick scars on limbs and upper torso
128 weeks/boyPenetrating needlesNoneSkin puncture marks