Table 2

Further surgical procedures in 23 gastroschisis survivors (20 operations in 16 patients)

Related to gastroschisisNoAge (years)Unrelated to gastroschisisNo
Laparotomy for adhesion obstruction32-150 9, 13Tonsillectomy +/− adenoidectomy4
Laparoscopy for acute abdominal pain112Insertion of grommets1
Ventral hernia repair17Eye surgery1
Inguinal exploration (impalpable testis)14Circumcision1
Anal stretch12Manipulation of fractured forearm1
Scar revision218, 21Orthodontic1
Repair of perforated trachea1
Termination of pregnancy1
  • 2-150 One patient had two laparotomies for adhesive intestinal obstruction seven days apart.