Table 1

Dental attitudes, knowledge, and health practices

ProblemHealthy children (%=yes)Children with cardiac disease (%=yes)χ2p Value
Do you think diet will affect dental decay?957012.98< 0.0001
Do you think that toothbrushing will affect dental decay?72472.29< 0.005
Does brushing help keep gums healthy?97920.2< 0.24 NS
Does fluoride stop decay?85750.89< 0.35 NS
Should children with congenital heart disease have fluoride tablets?92706.14< 0.01
Do fissure sealants stop decay?25434.48< 0.03
Has your child visited the dentist?97827.35< 0.004
Does your child brush their teeth twice a day?73554.39< 0.036