Table 4

Time of day; unedited data

VariableAfternoon 1300-1900 hEvening 1900-0100 hNight 0100-0700 hMorning 0700-1300 hAnalysis of covarianceSignificance LSD (p<0.05)
Mean time245.58.4284.98.1318.15.0261.36.0
Reflux index (%) df=3,134 p=0.0113.0 Night <other times
No of episodes/mean time12. df=3,134 p=0.0012.1 Night <other times
No of episodes >5 min/mean time1. F=1.94 df=3,134 p=0.13
Longest episode (min)14.62.523.43.915.82.818.33.7F=2.79 df=3,134 p=0.0426.8 Evening >other times
  • Values other than analysis of variance have been rounded to a single decimal place.

  • Because of the varied starting times for each segment, each segment was grouped for analysis. At least 3¼ hours had to fall into the time periods of afternoon (1300-1900 hours), evening (1900-0100 hours), night (0100-0700 hours), or morning (0700-1300 hours), for each period to be analysed for the time of day factor.