Table 5

Reasons given for feeling comfortable or uncomfortable with general practitioner, school nurse, and school doctor, by male and female adolescents (results expressed in percentages)

Reasons givenGeneral practitionerSchool nurseSchool doctor
Male (n=111)Female (n=143)Total (n=253)Male (n=111)Female (n=143)Total (n=253)Male (n=111)Female (n=143)Total (n=253)
Professional, qualified1448735614
Familiar1781265501< 1
Confidential, understanding, approachable18161717242112810
Similar experiences01< 10127032
Unfamiliar, unapproachable497221719202322
Lack of confidentiality032122111
Other (for example, keep it to myself)9991147845
Embarrassing, shy, scared, nervous143425486486
Don’t know201517141515191617
Not applicable412181013303532