Table 2

Summary of clinical, laboratory, and neuroimaging studies in children reported to have meningoencephalitis associated with HHV-6 infection

Age2-150 SexSeizures2-151 CSFCranial computed tomography radiolucencyReference No
Leucocytes (cells/mm3)
(% lymphocytes)
Protein (g/l)Glucose
10mM+362.94Not reportedPutamen, external  capsule 3
13mF+15 (93)1.6NormalLeft frontotemporal 1
10mF+NormalNormalNormalLeft frontoparietal 4
9mF++28 (76)0.66NormalLeft frontotemporal 5
9mF++NormalNormalNormalDiffuse (died) 5
13mF+14 (96)0.57NormalBitemporal 5
8mF+28 (85)Not reportedNormalLeft frontal 5
22mM++4NormalNormalNormal 6
6yM189 (81)0.64NormalBasal ganglia(our case)
  • 2-150 Age in months (m) or years (y).

  • 2-151 ++ Status epilepticus.