Table 2

Details of children with severe reversible hearing loss

Patient NoSexAge (years)PathogenTime after diagnosis until:
Hearing loss detected by OAERecovery of normal hearing
4Male0.3 N meningitidis2-150 3 hours 5 days
5Female0.4 N meningitidis 12 hours 40 hours
6Female0.4 N meningitidis 2-150 8 hours 20 hours
7Male0.4 N meningitidis 2 hours42 hours
8Female0.4 S pneumoniae 3 hours3 days
9Male0.8 N meningitidis 2-150 7 hours 18 hours
10Female0.9 N meningitidis 2 hours 42 hours
11Female2.5 N meningitidis 2 hours5 days
12Male3.8 N meningitidis 8 hours44 hours
13Male4.2 N meningitidis 2-150 5 hours 21 hours
14Male7.4 N meningitidis 2-150 12 hours42 hours
15Male10.5 N meningitidis 1 hour 48 hours
16Male12.1 N meningitidis 2 hours 14 hours
  • 2-150 Case diagnosed in absence of positive cerebrospinal fluid microscopy or culture.

  • Notes: Moderate or severe hearing loss confirmed by auditory brainstem responses; complained of hearing loss at presentation.