Table 1

Details of children with persistent sensorineural hearing loss

Patient NoSexAge (years)PathogenPrevious audiological historyHearing loss at dischargeFollow up (time/outcome)
1Male0.1Group B streptococcusNot tested. Reacted to soundBilateral profound (> 100 dB HL)18 months/continuing profound loss
2Male1.4 S pneumoniae NormalBilateral severe (70 dB HL)18 months/profound loss, awaiting  cochlear implant
3Male9.1 N meningitidis1-150 NormalRight severe (70 dB HL), left  profound (110 dB)9 months/continuing severe to profound  losses
  • 1-150 Case diagnosed on basis of cerebrospinal fluid pleocytosis plus petechial rash.