Table 1

Characteristics of the cases

Patient NoBirth yearAge when small intestinal biopsy sample taken (years)SexHLA class IIDuration of breast feeding (months)Age at cows’ milk introduction (months)Age at gluten introduction (months)Duration of mixed breast milk-gluten feeding (months)Wheat protein consumption at time of small intestinal biopsy sample (g/kg/day)EMAAGA IgGAGA IgASymptoms given in parental interview
119903.2FDR3-DQ2/ DR4-DQ3   53600.24PositivePositiveNegativeNone
219885.7FDR2-DQ1/ DR3-DQ2   96630.14PositivePositiveNegativeConstipation, eczema
319876.4FDR3-DQ2/ DR4-DQ3   7.5461.50.36PositiveNegativeNegativePrevious abdominal protrusion and suspected cows’ milk intolerence
419857.4MDR1-DQ1/ DR3-DQ2   1.51.5500.07PositiveNDNDConstipation, DAMP, delayed development
519867.8MDR2-DQ1/ DR3-DQ2   83.5620.27PositiveNDNDNone
619849.1FDR3-DQ2/ DR6-DQ1   3.53500.11PositiveNDNDPrevious diarrhoea, headache and abdominal protrusion
7198013.4FDR3-DQ2/ DR7-DQ2   75610.25PositiveNDNDSporadic constipation and abdominal pain
8197617.7FDR1-DQ1/ DR3-DQ2   64510.14PositiveNDNDDiffuse abdominal complaints Previous diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain
  • ND, not done; DAMP, dysfunction in attention, motor control, and perception; AGA, antigliadin antibodies; EMA, antiendomysium antibodies.