Table 1

Details of children with NHL and HIV infection acquired through mother to child transmission

Patient NoSexEthnic originAge at HIV diagnosis (years)Age at AIDS diagnosis (years)Age at NHL diagnosis (years)Age at death (years)AIDS defining illnessCD4 count per mm3 1-150 Site and histology of lymphomaTreatmentCause of death
1MWhite 1-151 (−1)Left ear and
Surgery/radiotherapy/COMP × 1,
 vincristine + prednisolone × 2
2FMixed 1-151 (0)AbdominalUnknownNHL
3FAfrican 1-151 (−2)Cerebral
4MAfrican0. (−4)DisseminatedPalliationHaemorrhage from
5FWhite1. Enc5
TonsilVincristine + prednisoloneSepticaemia; no  recurrence of  NHL
6MHispanic5.84.94.9 1-152 NHL390 (+13)NasopharyngealNHL protocol 903Alive, age 8.5 years
7MAfrican 1-151
Soft palateVP16 + prednisoloneNHL
  • 1-150 Figures in parentheses indicate timing of CD4 count measurements (in months) relative to NHL diagnosis.

  • 1-151 Mother known to have HIV infection during pregnancy.

  • 1-152 This is the only child still alive.

  • FTT = failure to thrive; Enc = HIV encephalopathy; PCP =Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia; COMP = cyclophosphamide, vincristine, methotrexate, prednisolone.