Table 4

Stepwise logistic regression analysis4-150: odds of being a case

OR4-151 95% CIp Value4-152
Seat restrained (yes)0.230.11 to 0.48<0.001
No of accidents in 5 years (per accident)5.37 2.45 to 11.74<0.001
Journey time<0.05
 6 am–12 noon1
 12 noon–6 pm2.79 0.94 to 8.25
 6 pm–6 am22.423.30 to 152.44
  • 4-150 Seat restraint, parent’s sex, marital status, employment, past history of accidents, points on license, housing, education, and journey time and journey length were all available to the model. Only results of significant variables are presented.

  • 4-151 Odds ratios controlled for all variables available to the mode.

  • 4-152 p Value for overall test of association.