Table 2

Associations with seat restraint use

NoPrevalence (%) of seat restraintp Value2-150
Sex of parent (male)6788.10.39
 Interviewee’s spouse3378.8
 Relative, friend, others1457.1
Journey time<0.01
 6 am–12 noon7793.5
 12 noon–6 pm4975.5
 6 pm–6 am1172.7
Journey length (miles)<0.05
 <1 2788.9
Marital status<0.05
 Full time4175.6
 Part time3791.9
 Retired, student,  unemployed5988.1
Housing <0.05
Points on licence <0.001
  • 2-150 p Value for null hypothesis that prevalence of seat restraint does not vary according to strata of variables in column 1.