Table 2

Cause specific mortality, vitamin A supplementation community prevention trials

Vitamin AControl groupVitamin AControl groupVitamin AControl group
Tamil Nadu15
 No of deaths712163323
 RR2-150 0.580.480.67
 No of deaths31239623627
Jumla2-154 12
 No of deaths34941291817
 No of deaths6172691114745
 RR0.820.662-153 1.00
  • 2-150 RR (relative risk): cause specific mortality of vitamin A group divided by mortality in control group.

  • 2-151 Original published results11: RR=1.29; reanalysis as an associated cause that recognises underlying causes; RR=1.00 (KP West, unpublished data).

  • 2-152 Pneumonia case management programme may have confounded results.

  • 2-153 Defined as ‘acute gastroenteritis’.

  • 2-154 Except for Jumla, findings relate to children already ⩾ 6 months of age when supplemented.

  • Reprinted with permission from Sommer A, West KP. Vitamin A deficiency: health, survival, and vision. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996.