465 e-Letters

published between 2000 and 2003

  • Why starve? Give what the child needs!
    Santosh Kondekar

    Dear Editor

    Acute gastroenteritis being an inflammatory process, many physicians advice a rest to bowel during the phase and in the convalescence.

    Outcome of it will be definitely affected by diet as diet was the sole factor causing the gastroenteritis. SO diet cant be stopped. Gradual introduction of food is a vague term as the question of 'how gradual introduction?' makes it irrelevant.

    Its agreeable...

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  • This palm tree does not usually cause thorn injury
    Nirupa A D'Souza

    Dear Editor

    The article by Kratz et al. highlights an important and frequently missed cause of arthritis secondary to thorn injury in children.[1]

    The picture on the cover of this particular issue of the ADC drew my attention to your article. After reading it however, I would like to point out to the readers that the palm tree in the photograph on the front cover resembles the coconut palm which in my...

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  • Adequate treatment of neurocysticercosis
    Sudhir Kumar

    Dear Editor

    We read with interest the recent article by Rao and Lessing.[1] They have presented two cases of symptomatic seizures secondary to solitary cerebral cysticercus granuloma.

    We would like to make certain observations. First, the authors state that they made a diagnosis based on radiological findings and positive serological tests in the first patient. They are absolutely right in their approa...

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  • One child whitewash
    Scott J. Weinberg

    Dear Editor

    The recent article "The One Child Policy" by W X Zhu [1] notes that: "a strict one child per family policy is imposed in the cities." However, the article downplays the severity of the abuse, and even falsely claiming that: "in 30 pilot counties the policy has been lifted."

    In May, 2002, the US State Department looked at several of these United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) so-...

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  • A proposal for the pathophysiology of Bochdalek herniation
    Rebekah A Pryce

    Dear EDitor

    I read the article with interest, having managed a case in a seven month female in the last month.

    This case presented with an acute onset of symptoms - three days of vomiting, the last bilious, and bloody diarrhea. Fluid resuscitation was required. There were no respiratory symptoms, the chest Xray was normal, the abdominal Xray revealing dilated bowel loops. An intussusception was suspected an...

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  • Re: Amitraz poisoning
    Hayri Levent Yilmaz

    Dear Editor

    First of all, I would like to thank Dr Bosnak for his contribution and comments that include very useful and important information. The clinical findings about amitraz poisoning occur depending on the dosage.[1,2]

    However, the another study should be conducted to investigate whether the density of amitraz solution has any effect related to the clinical severity of amitraz poisoning cases. Actu...

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  • Thyroid disease is part of the 22q11 deletion Syndrome
    Joanna M Preece

    Dear Editor

    We read with interest Greeenhalgh's report [1] of recommended investigation and management of children with chromosome 22q11 microdeletion.

    In this report no mention is made of thyroid disease. We would like to suggest that diseases of the thyroid can be a significant cause of morbidity in these children and that screening for thyroid disease should be considered part of their management. S...

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  • On Gatrad's summary of New Testament teachings about circumcision
    Michael Glass

    Dear Editor

    Unfortunately, Gatrad, Sheiky and Jacks did not get it right in their summary of New Testament teachings about circumcision.

    While it is true that Jesus was circumcised, John's Gospel quotes him as making a very pointed dig at circumcisers. He mentioned how his critics circumcised on the sabbath day and retorted: 'Why are you angry with me for making a man whole and complete on a sabbat...

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  • Voiding dysfunction in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
    Lane M Robson

    Dear Editor

    We read with interest the report by MacLeod et al who described urinary symptoms in 46 (62%) of 74 male children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).[1]

    The authors comment that:
    "The neurological basis for this dysfunction is difficult to explain."
    Daytime incontinence, urinary frequency, and urgency were reported in 22 (48%), 14 (30%), and...

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  • Once upon a time . . .
    JW Puntis

    Dear Editor

    I very much enjoyed reading Storr and Rudolf's review of literary perspectives on childhood. Appropriately enough, Charles Dickens loomed large. 'Oliver Twist' is the first novel in the English language that takes a child as its central character. The book is also polemical and the early chapters are very much an attack on the working of the New Poor Law, a series of measures introduced to cut down th...

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