534 e-Letters

published between 2003 and 2006

  • Hazards in the epidemiological study of sudden infant death syndrome
    S Roy Meadow

    Dear Editor

    The study of Platt and Pharaoh, confirms the increased risk of SIDS in twins compared to singletons.[1] They point out that a major component of that higher accrued risk is that twins tend to be of low birthweight. Their finding that like-sex twins are at no greater risk than unlike-sex twins adds to the substantial evidence concerning the very limited role of genetic susceptibility for SIDS, and the rari...

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  • Does exclusive breast feeding prevent allergy?
    G.N. Malavige

    Dear Editor

    Although, many studies have shown that breast-feeding reduces the incidence of allergic diseases and multiple allergic diseases developing in the same child,[1] there are many controversies to this. Some studies have shown that children with asthmatic mothers were more likely to develop asthma later if they were exclusively breast fed [2] whereas some studies have shown the exact opposite.[3] The breast...

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  • Response to Pearce and Mabin
    George Russell

    Dear Editor

    I have been disappointed by the lack of response to the paper by Todd et al. [1] and to my accompanying editorial,[2] and I am indebted to Pearce and Mabin for opening what I hope will be an interesting discussion, although I must take issue with much of what they say. Their opening comment to the effect that clinical studies rather than a questionnaire-based survey should form the basis for advice...

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  • A DKA Summit?
    Timothy Lachlan Chambers

    Dear Editor

    I thank Dr Edge and other correspondents and am gratified that none dissents from the view of Dr Inward and myself that the assessment and fluid management of DKA in childhood needs multispecialty review. Perhaps this is underway: if not then should our College President - Elect invite his Newcastle colleague Sir George Alberti to convene and chair it?

    TL Chambers