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published between 2001 and 2004

  • Caution in considering the diagnostic utility of antibasal ganglia antibodies
    Harvey S. Singer

    Dear Editor,

    The authors appreciate the comments of Dr Giovannoni and fully recognize the ongoing efforts of the London group in evaluating antibasal ganglia antibodies (ABGA) in poststreptococcal movement conditions. Nevertheless, readers must recognize that there are significant discrepancies between results reported in the article by Church et al., [1] and other investigators [2,3].

    In or...

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  • Reply to Ladhani et al: Presentation of vitamin D deficiency
    N F Ismail

    Dear Editor,

    I have read with great interest the article titled “Presentation of vitamin D deficiency” by Ladhani et al in the in the August 2004 issue of Archives of Disease in Childhood. [1] The article was excellent, however, I would like to point out a mistake in the legend of Figure 1 which states:

    "Figure 1 (A) Radiograph of patient aged 1 year with severe rickets. (B) Radiograph of pati...

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  • re-establishing contact
    Paul Davis

    Dear Editor,

    Forgive me for using this forum to try to re-establish contact with Robin and Sue Ball, but I have no other leads in my quest to do so!

    We met in 1986 in Papua New Guinea, stayed in contact for several years but have not corresponded for quite a while.

    Please forward this note to Robin if at all possible. With thanks and kind regards.

  • Community Child Health in Crisis
    Chris Newman

    Dear Editor,

    Dr Mather in her article, Community Child Health in Crisis, states that in her opinion, the distinction between acute and community paediatrics needs to disappear. She is not alone in this view. I suspect very many paediatricians will agree with her.

    We all need a good basic training in paediatric medicine as a foundation for our work and for any special interest. There is already much o...

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  • Re: Definition of "UTI"
    Goor G Zamir

    Dear Editor,

    I thank Dr Fenton for his interest and insightful comment. It seems that there has been a printing mistake. The criteria for diagnosis of urinary tract infection was >100,000 bacteria per ml in mid stream urine specimen, and not, >100 bacteria per ml, as was mistakenly published.

    The criteria for diagnosis of UTI was any bacteria in suprapubic aspirate (as per AAP guidelines[1]), an...

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  • Community Paediatrics
    Andrew N Williams

    Dear Editor

    Dr Mather’s and Dr Bannon’s articles are timely reminders of the crisis facing community paediatrics today. When I am asked what I do as a community paediatrician I say that “I generally endeavour to manage children with physical, behavioural and emotional difficulties in their locality rather than them having to come to see me in a hospital.” If then Dr Bannon’s layperson wants a sentence or two m...

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  • From the starfish – a note of thanks
    Padmini Venkataramani

    Dear Editor,

    I was touched to read the article “From containers to classrooms: converting capitalism’s swords into ploughshares” and the accompanying reference: http://www.starfish-initiative.org

    There are many noble endeavours in the developing and developed world like the Starfish Initiative. Another such is the online availability of BMJ and ADC to paediatricians and doctors in the developing world,...

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  • Is no vitamin D for danger if breast feeding?
    Simon Fountain-Polley

    Dear Editor,

    The paper by Ladhani et al on vitamin D deficiency reminds us of our wider duty of care to children in considering background nutrition [1].

    Prolonged breast feeding has been recognised as a risk factor for vitamin D deficiency [2]; it will be interesting to observe whether its incidence will increase with the international drive to promote exclusive breast feeding for the first six m...

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  • Return of rickets points to the broader public health issue - widespread vitamin D insufficiency
    Daniel E Roth

    Dear Editor,

    We thank Allgrove for drawing attention to the growing problem of vitamin D deficiency in children [1]. However, we wish to comment on several of the points raised in the commentary.

    As observed by Allgrove, a daily dose of vitamin D less than 10 mcg (400 IU) does not prevent vitamin D deficiency (serum 25(OH)D <25 nmol/L) in all newborn full-term infants [2]. This evidence conflicts...

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  • Immunosuppressive therapy in acute myocarditis
    Achim A. Schmaltz

    Dear Editor,

    We read with great interest the a.m. review which comes to the conclusion that immunosuppressive therapy does not significantly improve the outcome of children with acute myocarditis. This is in accordance with an important review concerning the adult age [1]. However, both reviews show one decisive drawback. They do not take the essential changes in pathogenetic considerations and diagnostic methods...

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