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published between 2010 and 2013

  • Should we now stop cohort nursing babies with RSV?
    Benjamin Jacobs

    A major finding of this study was: "Infants with dual infections (RSV and hBoV) had a higher clinical severity score and more days of hospitalisation"

    In our hospital, and many others round the world, babies with RSV infection are nursed in a room together and are not tested for Bocavirus. Should this practice now stop to prevent Bocavirus crossinfection increasing morbidity?

    Conflict of Interest:

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  • Managing frequent medical absences from school.
    Jill Davies

    We were interested to read the paper by Jones at al1 on ‘Frequent medical absences in secondary school students’. They conclude that ‘this study should prompt education departments and their NHS partners to look more critically at the problem … and to establish a system that provides more comprehensive assessment and treatment.’

    Within Bolton PCT such a sy...

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