163 e-Letters

published between 2011 and 2014

  • Realtime PCR for diagnosis of pneumococcal pneumonia
    Fernando M. de Benedictis

    In their review on empyema, Walker et al.[1] state that PCR analysis of blood for pneumococcus does not appear to add diagnostically to blood culture results. We disagree. In the study mentioned by the authors,[2] pneumolysin (ply) was used as target gene for pneumococcus. More recent reports have shown that both the diagnostic specificity and sensitivity for invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) are greatly improved when...

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  • Birth condition and development of encephalopathy
    David JR Hutchon

    Dear editor,

    This further study of selected infants from the ALSPAC cohort (1) gives welcome evidence that although babies who are asymptomatic for encephalopathy following resuscitation at birth may have reduced intelligence quotient (IQ) scores in childhood (2), they have normal neuropsychological functioning and educational attainment at school.(1) This still leaves a significant number of babies who develop encepha...

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  • Re:Non therapeutic treatment on the NHS?
    Gwynfor Jenkins

    Dear Editor,

    Non-therapeutic foreskin removal on the NHS? NO! At the establishment of the NHS in the 1940s, it was correctly decided that abandoning the ritualistic and cosmetic procedure was best both for the child and the service which had better things to on which to spend time and money.

    Of course, I realise that foreskin removal has a long history, but 4000 years ago human rights were largely non-existent,...

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