1492 e-Letters

  • Is the Children Act failing severely abused and neglected children
    Michael Little

    I recognise that Drs. Speight and Wynne, wrote an unbalanced article (Is the Children Act failing severely abused and neglected children) to encourage discussion but I expect more respect for evidence in Archives of Disease in Childhood.

    I could trade insults based on factual inaccuracies (the Children Act was enacted in 1989 not 1990 and implemented in 1991), selective and inaccurate references and many unsuppor...

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  • Prone sleeping and circulatory control in infants
    Hassib Narchi


    I read with interest the article by Chong et al, in which they studied the variations in blood pressure, heart rate, shin and abdominal wall skin temperature in 44 term infants during sleep, in 4 different positions, prone and supine, horizontal and with a 600 head up tilt respectively. They concluded that the variations observed in the 4 different positions, due to vasomotor tone, may have a role in su...

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