Do antipyretics prevent febrile seizures?

Rantala UM, et al. J Pediatr 1995; 126: 991-995


3 part question: �In children who have experienced a febrile seizure (patient): does prescribing antipyretics (intervention) reduce recurrence of febrile seizures (outcome)?�


Search terms: All EBM reviews � Cochrane Library and DARE �, Prodigy, Evidence Based Clinical guidance, and Pubmed and Medline (Ovid): Febrile convulsions/ seizures (FS) and antipyretics, paracetamol, and ibuprofen


Patients key clinical characteristics: Children (aged 0.8 to 4.6 years) who presented with their first febrile seizures


Control regimens: after their first febrile seizures were randomly assigned to receive either a placebo, paracetamol, diazepam + paracetamol or diazepam alone.


Study features: RCT, placebo-controlled, double-blind


Evidence summary: Of the 180 patients, 161 were followed for 2 years


Clinical bottom line:Acetaminophen or diazepam or both are ineffective in preventing FS

Citation:Uhari M, Rantala H, Vainionpaa L, Kurttila R. Effects of acetaminophen and of low intermittent doses and diazepam on prevention of recurrences of febrile seizures . J Pediatr 1995; 126:991-995.

Contact Details: A. Sahib El-Radhi, Consultant Paediatrician, Queen Mary�s Hospital, Sidcup.