Chest radiograph changes take some months to resolve

Roentgenographic follow-up of acute pneumonia in children
Grossman LK, Wald ER, Nair P, Papiez J.
Pediatrics. 1979 Jan;63(1):30-1.

Three-part Clinical Question
In asymptomatic children with prior radiological evidence of pneumonia are routine follow up chest radiographs necessary to assist in management decisions?

The Study
Prospective cohort study.

The Study Patients

129 children with a radiological diagnosis of pneumonia. Age 6 weeks � 15 years.

The Evidence


Chest Radiograph


Normal Residual changes
First follow up at 4 weeks 56 14 70
Follow up at 6 weeks to 3 months of up those who had residual changes at 4 weeks 9 0 9

This study was designed to look at the time it took for the chest radiograph to return to normal after radiographic changes. 59 children were lost to first follow up. Follow up was scheduled for 3 to 4 weeks. No data regarding clinical symptoms and signs was collected at follow up. No reference is made to who reviewed the X-rays.

Appraised by
Rob Negrine and Ian Wacogne 13 December 2002