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Evaluation of the implementation of the 2012 ESPGHAN guideline of Coeliac disease in children: results of a retrospective study in the Netherlands
  1. Marjolijn Landman1,
  2. Sabine D M Theuns2,
  3. Herbert M van Wering3,
  4. Gerdien Tramper4,
  5. Marian van Ledden5,
  6. Edwin Rietveld6,
  7. Nico vd Lelij7,
  8. Isis Koolhoven Groeneweg8,
  9. Johanna Escher9,
  10. Michael Groeneweg10
  1. 1Pediatrics, Maasstad Ziekenhuis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  2. 2Pediatrics, Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis, Dordrecht, The Netherlands
  3. 3Pediatrics, Amphia Hospital, Breda, The Netherlands
  4. 4Pediatrics, St Franciscus Vlietland, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  5. 5Pediatrics, Van Weel-Bethesda Ziekenhuis, Middelharnis, The Netherlands
  6. 6Pediatrics, IJssellandziekenhuis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  7. 7Stichting Reinier Haga Groep, Delft, The Netherlands
  8. 8Bavo Europoort, Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands
  9. 9Pediatric Gastroentorology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  10. 10Pediatrics, Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  1. Correspondence to Mrs Marjolijn Landman, Pediatrics, Maasstad Ziekenhuis, Rotterdam 3079 DZ, The Netherlands; LandmanM{at}

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We evaluated the effect of the 2012 The European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) guideline and the diagnostic algorithm on coeliac disease diagnosis in children in the South West region of the Netherlands. All children who were evaluated for coeliac disease between 1 January 2012 (implementation date of the guideline1) and 1 January 2014 were included in this retrospective evaluation. Patients were diagnostic tested in seven general hospitals and in one university hospital. A total of 253 …

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