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What are the indications for using probiotics in children?
  1. Hania Szajewska
  1. Correspondence to Professor Hania Szajewska, The Medical University of Warsaw, Department of Paediatrics, Dzialdowska 1, Warsaw 01-184, Poland; hania{at}


The health benefits of probiotics have been the subject of extensive research. Still, some questions are being repeatedly asked: should one use or not use probiotics? If yes, how and when should probiotics be used? The purpose of this review is to summarise current evidence on specific probiotics’ efficacy and safety to help healthcare professionals make evidence-based decisions on the indications for using specific probiotic strains or combinations in children. To identify relevant data, searches of MEDLINE and the Cochrane Library databases were performed in July 2015 to locate randomised controlled trials or their meta-analyses published in the last five years. The MEDLINE database also was searched for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, developed by scientific societies. Considering that probiotics have strain-specific effects, the main focus was on data on individual probiotic strains, not on probiotics in general.

  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Paediatrics
  • Nutrition
  • Paediatric Practice

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