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Role of methotrexate in severe atopic eczema in children
  1. Miriam Scott
  1. Correspondence to Miriam Scott, Medical Student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 1DQ, UK; mes62{at}

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EW is a 10-year-old female with severe atopic eczema. She has had frequent flare-ups and multiple secondary infections since 6 months of age. Previous therapy has included prednisolone, aciclovir, flucloxacillin, topical fucibet, emollients and steroids. She currently requires high-dose steroids and symptoms recur when tapering the dose. EW's eczema has a severe impact on her quality of life: she has low self-esteem, struggles with sleep and is bullied at school. You wonder if methotrexate would reduce the severity of EW's eczema.

Structured clinical question

In children with severe eczema, does methotrexate reduce the severity of symptoms?

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  • Search terms: “Methotrexate AND children AND eczema” in the Cochrane Library yielded 1 result, which gave a useful reference, in PubMed yielded 16 results, 3 were useful.

  • Search terms: “Methotrexate AND children AND …

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