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The treatment of protozoal infections in children
  1. Angel A Escobedo (escobedo{at}
  1. Hospital Pediatrico Pedro Borras, Cuba
    1. Pedro Almirall (almicar{at}
    1. National Centre of Education and Health Promotion, Cuba
      1. Maydel Alfonso (maydelac{at}
      1. National Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology, Cuba
        1. Sérgio Cimerman (scimerman{at}
        1. Institute of Infectious Diseases “Emilio Ribas”, Brazil
          1. Severino Rey (sevrey{at}
          1. Atlantic International University, United States
            1. Susana L Terry (sterryglez{at}
            1. National Centre of Education and Health Promotion, Cuba


              Intestinal protozoan infections are still highly prevalent world-wide both in industrialised and unindustrialised countries, but especially in the latter where they may be the cause of important morbidity and mortality. Although most of them have been an ever-present threat to mankind; others have emerged and re-emerged in a manner that was previously unsuspected. The scope of these intestinal protozoan infections presenting to the doctor office is quite diverse. Most of them may cause acute or chronic diarrhoea in healthy individuals and may result in intractable, life-threatening illness in patients with immunosuppressive diseases, like acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Due to the lack of vaccines to avoid these infections, adequate identification and treatment of these infections may result in significant benefit for individual patients and public health. This article presents an update on the current most important points of pharmacotherapy available at present against amoebiasis, balantidiasis, giardiasis, dientamoebiasis, Blastocystis hominis infection, cryptoporidiosis, cyclosporiasis, isosporiasis, sarcocystosis, and microporidiosis.

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