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Delivery of the Paediatric curriculum of the RCPCH
  1. Mary Elizabeth McGraw (mary.mcgraw{at}
  1. Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, United Kingdom


    Medical education and the service in which it is embedded, is undergoing radical changes. A new postgraduate paediatric curriculum has been introduced in the United Kingdom which is competency based. The content of the curriculum has been derived by the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health (RCPCH) from Delphi consensus and documents such as Good Medical Practice1. It is competency based and will enable trainees to progress according to their acquisition of these competences. Therefore unlike the earlier time based curricula the time to complete the curriculum may vary. With the influence of progress according to competence there is a greater emphasis on continuous assessment of performance. All these aspects bring with them challenges for those responsible for curriculum delivery.

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