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Henoch-Schönlein Purpura and meningococcal B vaccination
  1. Kerry Sexton (kerry.sexton{at}
  1. Insitute of Environmental Science and Research, New Zealand
    1. Anne McNicholas (anne_mcnicholas{at}
    1. Ministry of Health, New Zealand
      1. Yvonne Galloway (yvonne_galloway{at}
      1. Ministry of Health, New Zealand
        1. Sarah Radke (sarah_radke{at}
        1. University of North Carolina, United States
          1. Charlotte Kieft (charlotte.kieft{at}
          1. Accident Compensation Corporation, New Zealand
            1. Paul Stehr-Green (pstehrgreen{at}
            1. University of Washington, United States
              1. Stewart Reid (stewart.reid{at}
              1. Ropata Medical Centre, New Zealand
                1. Jocelyn Neutze (jmneutze{at}
                1. Middlemore Hospital, New Zealand
                  1. Ross Drake (rossd{at}
                  1. Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand


                    The risk of Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP) following vaccination with a group B meningococcal vaccine was assessed through active hospital safety monitoring. There was no increase in the relative incidence of HSP within 30 days after vaccination nor recurrence in HSP cases who received one or more further vaccine doses (re-challenge).

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